Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ovaherds, ahem... Overheards Rhode Island Style

"Keep my NAME outta ya mouf!" I said, "Keep my NAME outta ya mouf!"

"You know just because something's been buried, doesn't mean it stays buried."

"It's the BIG DUH sale!"

"Just Remember, it's CHOWDAH and Lobstah, Lobstah and Chowdah and you'll be fine. Welcome to Rhode Island."

I'm stewing in massive amounts of fried food. I've ingested grilled cheese, french fries, too many clamcakes to count, and a lot of caffiene. The horseflies are biting and I'm catching up on tunes with VH-1 Classics. Limelight by Rush anyone? I had forgotten how oddly rural and uh charming this place can be. Especially when that first overheard was as I walked onto a tranquil beach. Gotta love Rhody.

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