Friday, July 13, 2007

mm'shpphh Schleepy

Scene- Our house, birds just chirping early. I come downstairs for the nectar of the lost sleepers.

H:"If someone is tired today, I don't want to hear about it."

Me: Yes, Daaaad. (What I was thinking) What I really said: "I knooowww."

Girls Night in our 'hood last night. We welcomed the new neighbor and all clamored for her villa in Italy that she rents. It will be interesting to see if anyone makes it there besides the one woman is is leaving. I'm sure she'll get there. Whether or not she rents that place remains to be seen.

I drank too much. Not enough to get sufficiently silly or puke later on, but enough to have a nice dull ache behind my tired, puffy eyes. Pinto Grigio my downfall. Large bottles of Pinot Grigio are deadly.

That being said "y'all I'm tyerd!" That was me impersonating Britney Spears. Laugh. Laugh or I'll come over and hang out at your house today with my loud toddler and insane dog. I won't shower either. I'll make sure I'm still sweating from the gym as I lay all over your couches. I'll rub cheese curl stains on our furniture and walls. Then I'll open all your cabinets, rifle through your bathroom, and eat out of your fridge. I'll throw some food on the floor for the kid and the dog. Don't worry I know how to treat my family right!

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  1. Vicky, I love to read your blog - you're hilarious. I am enjoying getting to know you!! I sympathize with that Pinot headache - I also suffered one. :) See you soon! Have a good weekend.


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