Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just Eeww!

Has anyone else seen the promos for Bret Michaels (he of big hair in years past and more eyeliner than I'll ever know) show on VH-1? Oh yeah. 'Rock of Love' and it starts July 15th. The key phrase?

Who will rock his world?

Just eewww. Ick. I'm not even going to go into what two things those lovely young ladies have in common... just watch the promo.

It's from the creators of Flavor of Love so do I really need to say anymore? The cheese factor of this one is going to be astronomical. I predict lots of licking.

On a much less squicky note there's another new show that I'm dying to see. This is aging me but yeah! for 'Scott Baio is 45 and Single'. It's too much. While I never had an all out crush on Baio this promises to be good. The man did episodes of 'Arrested Development' he has to have a good sense of humor. It could be a fun train wreck as he sifts through the 'wreckage of his past' and all those ex-girlfriends. Seriously. The man has dated a lot of Hollywood's bombshells. That one starts July 15th too..

Set your TIVO's and DVR's.

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  1. I first saw commercials for those both last night. Scott Baio sounds just like Bob LaBlah. I was thinking that if I were single and like reality shows I would have tried out for it.


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