Monday, June 04, 2007

Officially? Officially I'm Old

My house last night. H and I settle in for a little TV time. The channel changing stops on the Mtv Movie Awards. Remember those? Remember when they used to be funny? When the whole point was for funny clips to be shown and ridiculous moments to occur? Not just cheap shots of people making out for even cheaper laughs. Incredibly done and unoriginal. As H and I stared at the screen, our eyes glazing with boredom, he said-

"It's official. Mark the calendar. June 3, 2007. I'm officially old. I don't find this funny. How did this happen? When did this happen? I just think this is stupid. I only just turned 30!"

Scrambling I sputtered out-
"It's not us! It's that this is so incredibly lowbrow. It's beyond unfunny."

It's also sadly catering to a much younger audience who I can't believe finds this crap amusing. Does that really make me old or just have better taste? I'm opting for the better taste. Everything was just incredibly done already. There was not an ounce of quirky originality there. Even the audience who was mostly older except for an incredibly blond and tanned Amanda Bynes (Et tu Amanda? Why? You were cute as a brunette with natural coloring.) seemed bored.

-Sarah Silverman panning to an audience out there in TVland who would never normally get her usual stuff so all she had was her awkward posture and whiny voice to seem funny.

-The almost kiss between Silverman and Jessica Biel. Almost funny, but like a late 90's SNL skit it went on for just a smidge too long.

-Sasha Baron Cohen grappling with Will Ferrell in a most embarrassing embrace. I find Cohen funny. Ferrell too. When they aren't desperately seeking air time. I could see the white knuckles on Cohen as he gripped Ferrell's back. Come on boys! No longer funny. Leave the stage.

-The giant fat guy with the way to obviously fake back hair and unibrow. I really feel that Mtv just phoned the whole thing in.

-And the last reason that I'm officially old- Rhianna's remake of the 'Umbrella' song. Well, that should have never been a song in the first place much less remade.

I did find it mildly amusing that Paris looked like she had other things on her mind though.

I'm off to read 'War and Peace' or some other adult novel that makes me boring too the under 25 crowd.


  1. Charlotte10:56 AM

    God bless old people.

  2. That's hilarious! Thank god I didn't even bother to watch! LOL

    Drama ensues in my life...check out the blog when you are bored. If I didn't have drama or make everything so overly dramatic, what would be left of my life...Sigh.

    Hey, at least I admit my status as drama queen...others in the world are in, I embrace it. LOL


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