Thursday, May 31, 2007

For the Birds? Before the Birds!

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. today. Great googly moogly why?!? The birds weren't even up yet. Darkness stole every corner of the house. Except the basement. I left the light on.

The basement, my Fortress of Solitude, also known as the office. I would love to think of it as the Bat Cave, but it's not. The tiny corner I have created just puts my back to the clutter of retired baby gear, tools, the laundry monster's cave, and some old, unused appliances. Sometimes I think someone might be living back there, then I realize I'm just paranoid.

I'm up today because I'm hungry. I'm hungry for work. I am looking for, no, I NEED a good writing job. Something that pays more than ten bucks for 800 words. Who are those people anyway? I've been working for free too much lately. I took on a lot of free assignments because I thought I had a somewhat regular gig going. A paid one. I'm realizing now that doesn't seem to be the case. What is going on with that situation even I don't know. It's frustrating and has taken up a lot of time. Time I thought I would be compensated for. I am sick of thinking of about it.

So here I sit, up before even the birds, trolling for work, working on some small projects, really needing to find one that actually pays. I knew going into this business it would be hard to break into, but I was confident enough to know that I do have a smidgen at least of talent. Lately though I've been doubting myself. I've been sucked dry. The writing for free, the guinea pigging myself out, and the endless queries are leaving me parched. I feel like a dried up leaf. A dried up leaf someone used to scrape dog crap (from my neighbors yard) off their shoe with. I am now trying to crawl out of that barren pit and find the funny again.

Maybe if I watch T.D. like a hawk today I'll notice her doing her own sketch comedy routine. She mentioned vaudeville making a comeback the other day. Maybe the dog will do something amusing rather than bark at the asshat who lives behind me. The man has a right to run his dogs. He does NOT have the right to smirk at my dog and me and laugh as I yell at her to "Shut the F (frickle?) up!" Maybe something will be on TV besides craptastic 'Sunset Tan' and other shitty reality shows. I yearn for decent television. My DVD player is tired of playing 'Arrested Development' and 'Undeclared'.

So if you know of anyone needing a writer....


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