Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Axe Through My Skull Tuesday

Huh. So I guess maybe I overdid it yesterday. Instead of resting my tired over walked bones and self I did about five loads of laundry, was up unpacking my bag at 5 a.m., did dishes, checked email, did some writing and work and even threw in a play date for good measure. Cracked? Just a tad I suppose.

Today, I feel as if someone is constantly drilling in my head. My hearing goes in and out and I feel as if someone pulled the plug in me somewhere and my insides and energy have all oozed out. Not pretty. I dressed T.D. in an orange shirt, aqua pants with turquoise and white polka dot socks, and hot pink shoes that squeak (I was feeling masochistic I guess) and realized that I was burning my poor retinas just by looking at her ensemble.

The sheer idea that I needed to shower and head to the Bloom around the corner made me queasy and that I might be making a journey into the seventh ring of hell. I feel like I need to be wearing dark shades indoors in my basement it's so bad. No amount of coffee, water, and Excedrin cocktails is kicking it.

It's nap time and I'm going to go put my head in a vice as that will probably feel infinitely better than what is buzzing around in there right now.

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