Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Impossible Dream?

Last year was my first Mother's Day. It did not go as planned. I woke up early and dragged H and a two-month old T.D. out of the house into the early morning fog and drizzle to do a charity walk- The Y-Me Walk to Empower. It's held each Mom's Day in many major cities.

When we got home I was exhausted, cranky beyond belief, and pretty much a massive beast. I only wanted a nap and that didn't happen. I wanted to be alone. That didn't happen either. When it didn't happen I just became more of a wretched evil pain. Why did this happen? It's not because H didn't want to please me, it was simply the fact that I didn't voice what I actually wanted. I felt bad saying, "On my very first Mother's Day I want the house to myself. Go."

This year I have already stated what I want. No cooking, sleeping in, and I may leave the house for a while alone. I will not be cleaning up either. To me, Mother's Day is my "official" day off if I so choose. Same goes for Father's Day by the way if your undies were getting into a "that's not fair!" bunch.

I know for a fact that this is what A LOT of Mom's want for their day. Yet they often don't get it. So I ask you- what it is you want this Mother's day? Put your comments here and we'll see what the consensus is.

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  1. Did I not tell you to take it easy on Monday? Sheesh woman!

  2. I wanted to choose my gift. I always get to so why not for my very first Mother's Day? Someone has decided to choose my gift for me. That hasn't happend in a REALLY long time. I even tried to show said someone what I want. I got a reaction that left me pissed for 2 days. I want a yarn swift and winder. It's something I have wanted for so long and will never buy for myself. I seem unable to justify it. The problem is you can exist without it. I don't want anything I need. I want frivilous. I needed to rant about that one. The small rant last night at my knit group didn't cut it. Sigh. I would love to sleep late and not have to get up and pump (nobody can grant that one). I would like someone to appreciate that I do indeed work. Every day. I would say stay home by myself but I would clean. Maybe someone could sit me down with a good movie some great wine and say there will be a test when we return.


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