Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Please Leave A Message

Yesterday I was running around like a mad woman, what else is new, and I came home to this-

Hi Vicky, it's ... (my neighbor) I hope you are having a great workout and a good day. I'm bored and I was just thinking that maybe I should start my own blog about the monotony of motherhood and how your kid can cause it's diaper to explode and you clean that up and redress them only to have them puke all over the new outfit so you have to clean them again, and redress them once more. Then your second kid says they want to play outside because they haven't been outside in days with this weather so you bundle them all up only to have them look at you from the front door and say, "Watch penguins? I want to watch penguins." I'm bored. You don't have to call me back.

Oh can we not all empathize with this type of moment? Because you know that all happened in about a fifteen minute time span and that poor woman was dripping in stress sweat and just trying to keep from losing it. Reminds me of the time T.D. and the dog managed to smear poop all over each other in a ten minute window and include me in on the fun as well as all three levels of our townhouse.

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