Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've finally gotten around to speaking with our financial advisor in the last week about what to do with my 401k plan from my old job. I feel just like that women in the "Chuck" commercial who keeps saying she is too busy to think about that complicated stuff. Once I had gotten that out of the way my mind began to wander and mull over a few other items.

How good is our life insurance? What exactly is our plan? It's a good thing my sponsor chimed in this week with Term Quotes. This company has all the basics you need to know about life insurance. What it is, the different types and why you might need it. Once you've established those guidelines you can move on and take a look at the choices. Term Quotes has over fifty different companies that can offer you quotes on life insurance. It really is worth looking into even if it's just for peace of mind.

I certainly feel better now that I have looked up our information again and verified that it's correct and in place. After this week's nightmare here in VA it makes you think hard about how precious life is.

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