Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Her Majesty Isn't Pleased

To her credit T.D. doesn't waver. She has a strong personality I know this. It shines through whether it's 2 a.m. or 2 p.m. Yesterday I got a good dose of how strong that little dictator's will really is.

The temper tantrums have begun. I am in disbelief. Ok, I was in disbelief. My eyelids have peeled away from my eyes in the way that only intense screaming can induce. On Saturday night when she screamed bloody hell like Norma Rae in an On the Border restaurant, throwing spoons, food, and cups around like confetti, H and I were shocked. I was also horrifically embarrassed. MY CHILD doesn't do this. I knew it was bound to happen sometimes but, really this was new territory. Naptimes have always produced tears and screeches, restaurants do not.

Yesterday, I simply wanted to take the cheese slice she was inhaling at warp speed and break it up a bit more. Oh no! BAD MOMMY! How dare you take cheese from the queen on her highchair throne! Peasant! I spit my cheese goo at you! The beat red face appeared, the screams and crying was so loud the dog left for parts unknown and my ears bled just a little. She then refused all food after that. When I tried to place her in a better place to eat a cracker later that day so the dog wouldn't take it from her she screamed again. Throwing herself about as if my touched burned her precious baby skin. I found myself shaking my head and then hanging it in shame.

How did this happen? When did T.D. become so well... bratty? What did I do? HOW DO I GET IT TO STOP?! Today, it's a bit better, I've only cleaned up dog vomit off the floor twice and Elmo seems to be occuping her time nicely. When I tried to remove massive quanities of a Kashi waffle from her overstuffed pout she only tried to bite me just a little. Progress? I have no idea.

Readers I am at a loss. Is this normal behavior? Is my tyrant really a tyrant hell bent on filling my days with screeches and outcries?

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  1. yep, unfortunately normal behavior. Mine has just entered the demon phase as well. Good times.
    I've been enjoying reading your blog, and if you're interested I tagged you for a Musical Meme ;)


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