Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad Moments and other Nonsense

Forgot to set alarm, a rarity indeed- Check.
Race to get myself and T.D. out the door in under 15 minutes- Check.
Driving like a psycho on a spree to the mechanics-Check.
Having no place to park and screaming at H on the cell phone because he sounds like he fell down into a cave the likes of some recently filmed horror flick- oh yes, check indeed.

Yup. That was my morning yesterday. After I finally made it into the auto place to stand in line, have the clerk tell me that I was going to have to be wedged in between other appointments (huge sigh from him and me) I took T.D. out. I thought, won't this be fun! We'll take a stroll to the store and pick up some things, I'll buy a tasty latte and we'll head to the library while we wait.

Ha! When the latte spilled all down the backside into the stroller's convienent carryall section and the temperature turned out to be a lot colder than I predicted, it wasn't too much fun. The workmen stopping to stare as I manuevered the stroller through the workcones to get to the library book drop off wasn't too fabulous either. GET BACK TO WORK! I always want to scream. Stop staring at the dishelved, latte soaked women with the cracker encrusted baby! I felt like the morning would never end. It felt even more like that when the brake light refused to go off AFTER they worked on my car, which never had a brake problem to begin with, requiring me to go back and yell to someone to get out there and help me as I was not going to be extracting T.D. from the carseat again.

Turns out, everything was fine. A-ok. Great in fact. The rest of the day was rather blissful actually. The weather warmed up, we had lunch out at a quaint little garden cafe by the river with a friend, and T.D. played out in a park for the first time ever, while I successfully downed my second latte of the day. Must remember that the next time the day starts off like a dog just shat on your head it can get better.

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  1. Oh, for the days of maneuvering a stroller...can't say I miss them, not much, anyway.

    Glad the day ended so much better than it started!


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