Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Something you might not know about me is that I'm a huge purse fiend. I am not ashamed to admit it. I simply love them. I am picky, but there is almost no end in how often I could shop, browse, buy and just love on purses of all varietys. Save for the hideous patchwork Coach knockoff that 'Ugly Betty' carries around with her, and the actual patchwork Coach bag itself, I love most purses. That bag though is seriously ugly. I remember this one purse I had as a little kid. It was black patent leather, in style yet again, and it had three detachable decorative patent leather flowers. One in matching black patent, the other shiny red, and the last one being white. I hate the white one for some odd reason and I enjoyed chewing on the red one. I was three leave me alone! It was my first taste of purse love, literally.

The Holy Grail of purses to me is the uber-sleek Kelly bag, by Hermes. It retails upwards of 5K and I adore it. I want one in the worst way and no knockoff will do. Will I ever own it? Perhaps. If I get a book deal one day or H becomes a Trumpesque mogul maybe I will. It is almost a constant that I have some purse love going on in my brain somewhere on any given day. That is why I realized today that I am hopelessly ill-equipped now that I'm home with T.D. NO bag I currently have in my possesion will do for our daily outings. My normal medium-sized loveies are just too small now to fit the gym water bottle, pacifier, Ipod, wallet, the ever present mom pack of tissues, pen, keys, and oh yeah cell phone. Did I mention that sometimes I might have to add a book, magazine or actual T.D. possessions in there? Yup. So I need a bigger bag. The quest is on! The search for the Goldilocks of everyday bags is in open season. I am all ears to suggestions of grandeur and the average. What works for you? Why do you love your every day bag? Tell me!


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Purse, ummm, leather...mmmm...zzzzzz....snore........zzzzzzz.....uh nothing left to talk about already huh? .....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. sorry you are less than sizzled by the post. What can I say, I eliminated a lot of the freaks.

  3. Gretchen4:11 PM

    I LOVE my "dragonfly bag" from My friend Candi introduced me to Occasionally Handbags thru a home party.
    I love that some of their bags had custom options. You pick the style and the fabric and 2-3 weeks later you have this amazing creation - I mean bag. (Really, it is the same thing.)
    Back to my bag. It is made of a purple dragonfly apolstry (sp?) fabric - super durable. It is a messenger bag, so it has tons of room for all my stuff (which anyone who knows me can vouch for the volume of stuff I carry around). It also has several pockets inside & out and an elastic band on the inside to keep my water bottle in place! The ajustable strap could use a little padding, but it is a great location for all my obnoxious pins.

    Oh... and I got the matching change purse for christmas - too cute!


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