Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Product of the Week!

This weeks product is...Christian Diorshow Mascara! I received a sample of this little beauty a few weeks back and seeing as I loathed what I was using at the time, that tried and true pink and green tube of gunk, I decided to give Diorshow ($23) a whirl. Why not? It was free!

All I can say is, 'Oh my!' I love it! Love, love, love it! It comes in three fab colors of basic black, chestnut and azure blue. I have the black. This mascara does not clump. It goes on smooth and doesn't break. It's not waterproof so watch out if you are prone to tearing up. It has a pleasant light rose scent too which I've never noticed in a mascara before. It's kind of nice. I glide this stuff on each morning before heading out and it keeps my lashes looking long, intensified, ultra glamourous and curled all day. InStyle Magazine choose it as a personal fave in its January 2006 issue. I would run to your nearest Dior counter to check it out.

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