Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dang Blasted Snow

Did I mention that I like snow? I truly do. It's beautiful, clean, and softens the sounds around you. Snow melts though and it also half melts. That's what I'm dealing with now. Half melted snow that has turned my front yard into an icy slick landscape. Perfect for slipping and banging my head on the concrete steps rendering me unconcious. That hasn't actually happened but it almost did this morning.

Another thing about snow is that it can tell a story. A story about how at some point someone walked up to my front window and looked inside and then walked back out of my yard. Creepy. That was NOT there yesterday afternoon. My yard was untouched then. A chill hit me on my spine when I saw that and it wasn't because H's 'Wicked Pissah' shirt was not warm enough.

My first day as a WAHM is over and done with. It was tiring in an all together different way than a day at the office can be. I was physically tired after putting T.D. to bed. No more stressed, sucky commute tired. We were busy all day it seems. Playdate and breakfast in the a.m. with other SAHM's. I ate my fill of sausage and waffles to be sure. If that keeps up on a regular basis I'll be sporting tropical muu-muu's by May. I actually organized some disasterous kitchen areas and even found time to make a card. Yeah, that's right. You read that correctly. I made a card yesterday. I'm crafty! Who knew!

The day went well but was a total fish out of water feeling. I noticed that I'm less prone to quickly flaring up with anger and impatience already. When I opened the sunroof by accident yesterday while trying to turn on the overhead light in the car slushy snow fell all over me and the front seat. I did not scream with anger. I screamed with extreme shock. The cold slushy mess was now no longer on the roof of my car, but sitting in my lap. It was only later that I screamed with anger when I realized the slush was rapidly melting in my purse all over my cell phone and Ipod. By the time I got home the slushy snow had melted in my lap completely leaving me with that it's so cold it burns feeling on my thighs and just mildly looking like I just peed myself. Lovely.

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