Monday, November 27, 2006

Wanna Shed Some Holiday Pounds?

Sure everyone does right? We all tend to overindulge from oh about Halloween to right after New Year's when we have renewed our gym membership and vow to become svelte that year! Supposedly many Americans will gain between one to eleven!! pounds this holiday season. ELEVEN?! What are you guzzling eggnog while cramming whole briskets into your piehole?

Anyway, so here is what H and I discovered this past weekend. It's a surefire way to lose those extra pounds. It's called food poisoning! Great idea huh? Yeah, it worked for me too. I got sick on Saturday night, as did H, and by Monday morning I had lost 4 lbs!! Am I giddy? No, not really, I'm still freakin' exhausted from living on the bathroom floor with a bucket, tub, toilet and trashcan as my best friend. All while H is in another bathroom doing the same thing and someone, anyone is trying to watch T.D. T.D. who thankfully declined dinner with us Saturday opting for the ultra-safe jar of Stage 3 sweet potatoes instead. Smart dictator she is.

I don't wish food poisoning on anyone. It's truly awful. It's even worse when both people in the house have it. It's quadrupily worse when there's an infant involved. An infant who just started climbing everything in sight and crawls like she's getting ready for a Nascar race. Eeesh. By the end of the day Sunday H and I had moved all baby needed gear to the den to avoid numerous trips up and down stairs. We napped when the czar napped and let her play wherever in the den avoiding the few electrical outlets we've yet to babyproof. Who knew T.D. could crawl behind the TV. I sure didn't. We're lucky that Netflix sent movies recently and we had a weeks worth of stuff in the DVR that we actually wanted to watch. By 6 p.m. I had managed to nurse a glass of juice for about four hours and we all called it a day when T.D. went down at 7 p.m.

I did incidentally step on the scale this morning after H declared, "I looked all skinny and stuff". I lost 3-4 pounds. Wow! Still I wouldn't do that weight loss program again!

***** UPDATE******* My MIL just emailed me. Apparently it's not food poisoning. It's the flu. Gross. It's now going around the family. Joy. Nothing like spreading the holiday cheer!

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  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Sounds awful. Hope you are all doing better. The only weightloss plan that is better...a week in the hospital with surgury involved. It helps if its your gallbladder they remove since you can't eat fatty foods afterwards period. I lost ten pounds since they had me on no food and water for the majority of my stay. Oddly I haven't gained any of it back yet continue to lose due to the fabu breastfeeding diet. That one is a close second. Only bad thing about that one is I have to drink enough liquids to quench the thirst of an NFL football team to avoid feeling thirsty. Oh well, small price to pay. If anyone can swing breastfeeding over the holidays I totally recommend it. ;) I have seen food poisoning and it seems awful, of course the flu is bad too. Hope you all feel better and back to normal soon.



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