Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Question of the Week

Sanctimommy \sangk'temame\. Noun. A Mom who loves to get on her high horse about everything from school to snacks.

I found this funny little blurb in Parenting magazine this week and YES! I do know her! We all do don't we? Question is, what do you do when you run across her or have to deal with her for a playdate or two? Do you run the other way? Smile and nod? Or gnash your teeth and want to catch her feeding her kids junk later?

That's the question of the week kiddies. How do you handle the Sanctimommy on your block?


  1. I sort of try to find the middle ground. Sometimes I'm the A-hole who brings sweets to watch her kids guzzle them like they're cocaine.....but I TRY to figure that there are probably things that I think are important which she finds to be retarded.

    I also usually want to hit her in the face.
    But I don't.

  2. That would be my mother! I have learned to ignore her because I'm desperate for babysitters.

  3. I usually just nod and smile because you can't have an open-minded discussion with someone like that.

    My sister is a sanctimommy, though, and with her I will

  4. I agree with Izzy. Smile and nod. There is no winning that battle.


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