Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rock the Vote

I should have never opened my mouth. Or stopped by his cube. I should just be slapped silly for doing this. I admit I was feeling a bit fired up today about the November elections next week. Mainly because I'm just so sick of the wasted oxygen over stuff that doesn't matter. I just want to yell at both parties and say, "Grow up! You are public servants! Officials elected to do a job serving your communities! Now shut up, sit down and do your job! Stop arguing over party line crap and listen to the people." Geez....

So when I went over for a friendly mid-morning hello (I stop by many coworkers cubes to say hi during the day, that's just me.)I didn't anticipate (really I didn't) the diatribe I was subjected to. Apprently people like me do not exsist. I boggle his mind and therefore he is now worried about me. First off, I never said what I believe or feel because that is not proper office talk. It's no one's business who you vote for (see Mom I learned something.) so don't ask anyone. It's personal. I will say I'm an Independent so I can at anytime vote whichever way. Scary huh? It is to the office asshat. My soul is now in jeopardy because I MIGHT not vote his way. Or I may. He has no idea but he lambasted me for a full 15 minutes before I left. Why I thought I could do any good by telling him, "I am informed and that's all you need to know..." I have no idea. It didn't work. It just made him convinced I was against his way of voting. AUGH!!!

Now I'm really fired up.

Here's the thing readers, it's just so important to vote with your heart and for what you believe no matter what it is. Get out there next week on November 7th and vote!! It does make a difference in the end and your voice is heard. Keep pushing for what you believe and change will come even if it's small or not easily seen at first glance. You do make a difference and every vote does indeed count.

**This message was brought to you by the letter V, as in VOTE, on November 7th.**

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  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I think its curious that men get more upset than women when you refuse to discuss political beliefs. That is a generalization but it seems to be true. I myself don't like to discuss political issues with people. It can open such a large can of worms. The asshat just wants something to get worked up about. So much here centers around immigration. I am so tired of hearing some of the crap.



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