Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Product of the Week!

So I don't have any marvelous, exciting product to share with you this week. I do have some small words of wisdom though that I could impart or things I've learned recently. It seems to be a week of sharing and giving thanks so here goes my attempt at feelings...

1. Relationships no matter what type need to be nurtured. They take both people. If one person is always the one working on the relationship well quite frankly, that friendship or marriage is broken and needs to both people to be repaired.

2. Chocolate yogurt is really good.

3. Thanksgiving without stuffed celery or the Macy's Day parade is just not the same.

4. Greeting someone with "Hi, I'm really busy! I can only talk for a second." is in fact rude. It's also old and lame. Stop using it.

5. Just because someone is of child-bearing age doesn't mean she has to actually bear a child.

6. I'm thankful for bright red leaves, sunshine and my family.

7. I'm now going to throw up in my trashcan after having wrote that.

8. Various types of wine and small dessert items seem like a good idea at the time but early the next morning when a cranky baby doesn't think you actually need that coffee it's evident that the last glass of shiraz and bite of petit four probably wasn't that good.

9. It doesn't matter how you celebrate a holiday just as long as it's with people you like. Not people you can tolerate for a few hours.

10. Fake cockroaches in the office fridge are funny. Real ones are not.

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