Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Now THAT's a little bit of justice

As I was mundanely hanging clothes in my closet last night I listened to NPR and heard the juicy news story that NewsCorp, the Rupert Murdoch owned company that owns Fox and HarperCollins, has canceled OJ's (ick) book and his interview with Judith Regan. Why did this all happen? Why are books being destroyed and returned to the publisher? Simply because of the massive amount of revulsion by the public and the news media. Even Bill O'Reilly got on the anti-OJ book/interview bandwagon last week. It has also been reported that the large amounts of internet scorn (read blogs) and talk show vomit spewed last week was so harsh they knew it was a bad and even offensive idea. Smart. At last! Now that's justice!

Incidentally Mr. Simpson claims he feels muzzled now because of this. Funny how the tables have turned isn't it Mr. Simpson? I'm sure some people in your past felt muzzled at some point too.

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