Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Woo Woo! It's the Product of the Week!

This week we are featuring a few products. First is October's 'Product of the Month', Arbonne's RE9 REveal facial scrub and RElease facial masque.

I have to say when I first read the instructions stating, 'do not use the masque and scrub on the same day', I got scared. Images of Samantha post-chemical peel gone bad on SATC popped into my brain. But like a good product tester I followed the directions and was very pleased with the results. First, the scrub. The aloe and chamomile soothed my skin and the grains smoothed away my rough patches. My face feels smoother and more refined. The masque, went on very nicely and dries in about 10 minutes. Great for those of us short on time! I hang clothes in my closet near the bathroom while I wait for it to dry. It washes off easily and leaves my skin not only brighter but it really does clean up clogged pores. Being a girl with combo skin and sometimes prone to breakouts I haven't had a one since using any of the Arbonne products. This masque just makes my skin even better! My tone is even, freckles have faded as have some scars. My pores really are deep down clean in a non-irritated way they have NEVER been. Quite frankly these products kick other products in the ass. A lot.

I never thought I would say that. I'm not paid to do this and I'm not getting this stuff for free so put that out of your mind. I simply gave Arbonne a whirl with amazing results.

So contact Dana Geraghty, the Arbonne consultant, at danageraghty@comcast.net today. Mention the Mummy Chronicles while you are at it and be prepared to fall in love with Arbonne.

As a bonus this week I have another little find to trot out. Mad Housewife wine. I found this recently on a jaunt to Safeway. I tried the Cabnernet and love it. It's easy on the wallet but not one of those cheap sour wines. I think it's a fun wine for after a treacherous commute home, or a day when the asshat in your life says something that has really put you over the edge. Try it you might find you are a Mad Housewife too!

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