Monday, October 09, 2006

Secret, Secret! Do you have a secret?

I don't anymore. That's right. I've been outed people. My Mom has read the blog. Yes, a bit of panic hit my heart and stomach when I heard her say, "Oh, I've read it." I could just picture her little smile and almost but not quite bearing of the teeth thing that she does. So I now wonder a few things. Will this inevitably censor me? Which would render this whole blog venture null and void. I mean who wants to read about our daily insanity without the good stuff? Will my Mom be a regular reader? Hmm...

Now that it's out there though it is kind of a relief. I've told her before all this that I keep a blog and she did ask last night, "Why didn't you ever tell me how to find it before?" Well, gee maybe because sometimes I seem a bit off my rocker and sometimes as Fresh Prince once said so nicely, "parents just don't understand." Showing my age there aren't I?

It all got me wondering though now that my secrets out and it wasn't really a big one who else has secrets they are keeping from their friends and family? I'm sure we all do? What is yours?

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  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Oh, I do know the feeling! My mom found my blog and I immediately 'revised' some of my blogs and now I have to force myself to do it. I will find another blogging spot and freedom again soon. Secrets are heavy as a load to carry, but without them there wouldn't be much depth to us. My mom doesn't need to know everything, just as I'm sure she doesn't tell me everything. ~Christy


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