Monday, October 30, 2006

Poor Chili Dog

Friday while at the vet for Lex's annual check up we had the chance to meet Chili. Poor Chili. Chili the fat chihuahua. How fat is he? Well we won't go into that we'll just say that his owner wanted to remove his blue and red bowtie before Chili was weighed so he wouldn't feel bad about his weight. Yup, I'm not lying. See? Poor Chili.

Beyond Chili's weight issues he also sports a nice underbite and snaggletooth. It adds to his sad charm. His tongue swipes that snaggletooth every few seconds while he patiently waited the full 20 minutes it took his owner to explain his daily care. I listened to her quietly explain to the vet tech Chili's daily needs. She took a photo of him at home lest he be confused with say another fat chihuahua with a snaggletooth also boarding at the same time.

It was his first visit she kept saying fretfully with wringing hands. She wanted the kennel to know that while Chili does indeed possess "chompers" they don't work so well and he needs soft food. "Do they provide it? Oh they do? Good." "But here's some of his from home just in case." Like magic this woman whipped out cans of dog food. Seriously. It was magic as she didn't even have a purse on her person but all of a sudden there were cans of dog food on the counter. Chili barely glanced up. So she asked, "would they mind putting some dry bits in his soft food so he wouldn't feel bad about his lack of ability to crunch kibble?" I had to stifle a laugh there and just took out my notepad and jotted these things down. It was too good to be true. I wish my cell phone had a camera to snap Chili pics.

When it was time for Chili to go back to his boarding cage she asked to go with him. The tech looked mildly annoyed and told her that wasn't necessary. She in turn stated, "But he's so scared! Look at him!" Chili blinked and licked his snaggletooth completely unruffled. If anything he looked a bit pleading. As if to say, "Please release me from her overmanicured mitts!" She crouched down next to Chili stroking him and saying, "Now, it's ok, you're fine, you're fine! Don't be scared." I wanted to go over to her and stroke her head and say the same thing! It's ok to let go lady, Chili will be fine. I think he'll enjoy this time away, really.

Sadly Lex and I were called back before we could see Chili's farewell but I had had enough. I know there are overprotective parents out there and I know there are pampered pets. Chili's owner was one for the books.


  1. I always feel bad for dogs who aren't allowed to be, well...DOGS. Even our eight anthropomorphic poodles are all dog. They eat raw meat, chew raw bones, run outside and play, and develop their own pack order by which they live.

    Poor Chili. His owner needs to replace about half his food ration with cooked green beans for a while. They're soft, and he will like them.

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Chili needs to have his food reduced.Try W/D perscription food. My chubby Chi did and went from 11lbs to 8lbs-8 ounces in 4 months. New goal 8lbs even, she is running around like a new puppy (and she is 10) I was shocked how much the food was hurting her.Get Help it is not fair to the dog.

  3. Uh Chili is not my dog. My lean and mean, in her mind, Boston Terrier would not allow it. I have no idea whose dog this is. It is just a picture.


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