Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October's Product of the Month

For October I'm doing one entire product line instead of various different 'Products of the Week'. The product this month is Arbonne.

Arbonne is a company that until a week or so ago I knew little about. I knew maybe one person who used the products. They always raved about the items they used and the great customer service but I myself hadn't really looked into. It's a Swiss company developed in 1975. That's a whole year older than me! They pride themselves on quality, value, results and being natural product company. Like Avon or Mary Kay they rely on Representativesto sell their wares. Their approach is that their products are "pure, safe and beneficial" to the user. I'm using the whole RE9 line for a week to see what Arbonne is like. I was even sent baby care products (also all natural), body wash, lotion and serum. It's been fun learning so far and I can't wait to see results.

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