Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ms. Manners

Nothing makes me more cantankerous than bad manners. Rudeness abounds in this world on a daily basis, and I too can be guilty of that one. However, if you want to piss me off really quickly then exhibit some appalling manners like chewing with your mouth open, eating on the phone or generally having bad phone etiquette in general and I may not be able to talk to you for a while.

I can't say I don't know where it comes from because I do. My mother hates ill manneredness just as much as me and my grandmother has often been known to be horrified by such displays as bad table manners or illicit behavior in public. Maybe that's why her hair is so white? When I call myself "Little Ms. Bree", my friends agree. H, in his ever entrepreneural mind, has even suggested that I start a class teaching business etiquette. I find that idea insane. I loathe public speaking so why would I dare to teach? I by no means think I'm an expert either in this area but I find myself simply amazed and astounded by exhibits of bad manners a lot lately.

Example 1: The man in the Cutlass Ciera yesterday, you know who you are Mr. Bondo grey car with the trim half falling off, you leared at me and cackled for a full mile on my way home last night. You stuck your greasy head out your window and twisted your nasty tongue through the gap in your teeth at me and made me want to vomit out my car window. But gee mister, that would have been rude.

Example 2: The wave. I believe in travel karma. Do good unto other fellow travelers and good will come to you. Each day on my commute I make sure to allow someone in front of me per drive. I do the wave afterwards as in, "Your welcome." I hardly ever see the wave back. That's rude. So next time when I see you I'm not letting you in. Believe me I see the same cars daily. I believe in the wave. It makes traveling nicer. You don't give the wave, I don't give you the space. Even a head nod, come on people we are just talking about decency here!

Example 3: Bad phone manners. Nothing makes me more angry than being immediately put on hold or told someone will call me back right after we begin speaking. I tolerate it and I don't know why. Afterwards I find myself really twitchy and irritable. Ms. Manners and I agree call waiting is bad form. Clicking over to someone more "important" causes bad feelings on the other end. It tells the other person you do not value them or their time at all. Do it too often and you lose friends.

People have been saying this for centuries but manners are important. I know it makes me a bit fusty but I don't care. They make the world a nicer place and ease tension so please people, keep your tongues in your mouths, stop yelling obscene things at women with babies in their cars, don't spit in public or pee off your front step and kindly stop taking cell phone calls when you are with other people. You never know the nature of the person you just pissed off.

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  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    YES! I too despise bad manners, and in the south, they ABOUND! I'm sure you remember HPU, well, Louisiana is worse. I haven't slipped on urine in the stairwell but I have been talking to a builder, with buyers present, to see him reach into his truck, pull out a Diet Coke can and spit tobacco juice into the empty can. GROSS. I think the business manners idea is wonderful and should be mandatory for all employees at national department stores, restaurants, and banks. H may be on to something! ~Christy


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