Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a Bloggiversary!

Yesterday was a much better day. It was a true fall day and even though the brake fluid light went off in my car it's ear piercing wail truly waking me up at 5:30 a.m. the day went well.

I really tried to concentrate on all the small things I did accomplish on Wednesday and focus on the good that was going on yesterday. Like when H emailed me in the morning telling me that he would pick up T.D. after work. This gave me time to run and take the dog out. Realizing I forgot my Ipod at work? Not a problem. I really enjoyed the run in the crisp fall air with just the sound of my shoes hitting the pavement while Lex's feet tip-tapped the road along with me. It was a perfect night where I felt relaxed and smiled more than usual and laughed. I guess I was missing that a bit lately. Thanks to everyone who offered words of encouragement through the day via email and in person. I needed it! It truly helped.

On another note, yesterday was my bloggy birthday. It was one year ago yesterday that I began 'The Evils', which you can find on my profile still. I had set out to just update our families about our lives and the new baby but it ended up launching into so much more it seems. So Happy Bloggiversary to 'The Evils' and thanks for all your support!

***** Incidentally it's also my 200th post!!*************** Cake for everyone!

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