Thursday, September 07, 2006

Product of the Week!

This week I'm asking you to go over to Motherhood Uncensored. September 6th's post about judging is something I've talked about on this site a few times. I think in most cases she is spot on. We all judge, it's human. What we don't do is accept. At least that is my stand point. So for my product of the week I'm going to try not to judge/berate other women for their choices. It's something I try to do each day. It's something I've asked others to do for me and this blog. We do what is right for our families and ourselves. If it works and we are happy and can honestly stand by and uphold our beliefs then go on with your bad self! If not, you might get judged just a scootch. Don't say you ain't been warned.

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  1. Did you actually use the phrase, "spot on"? You are so cool. I could never carry off a phase such as that...the best I can do is to use myriad and plethora in a sentence. ;)


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