Friday, September 08, 2006

Women on Women

Last night I was invited out to a 'Girl's Night Out' with some of the women in my neighborhood. They have a little group of varying women who go out every Thursday doing various local things. Sometimes it's dinner or drinks, other times just dessert or a movie. This was the first time I was invited and I was a bit leary but really wanted the chance to get to know more people I live near to just have girl time. It's so rare the older you get.

Around the end of the night and a few glasses of wine later the topic came up about women who berate other women. How we are all guilty of it and judging on how we look, our career choices, the Mommy Wars, whatever. It's been a topic of this blog this week and in the past. It's something I feel really strongly about. It's one of the major factors I think is wrong with our society. If we as women, who can achieve whatever we put our minds to, would just stop and think for a second about what we are really doing when we berate another woman's choices I think we would all take care of one another better.

It really does take a village to raise a child. Those villages in the past have historically been made up of mainly women. Biologically that is why women live longer, so that as a tribe the generations take care of each other and the children. Men die sooner because they aren't as needed. I'm not saying this is true at all these days. I have no idea how many times I've been glad and thankful to have H around and his help. I'm just saying biologically that is the reasoning.

The evening ended with that discussion. We all felt very strongly that we need to support each other more. I see it being done in my neighborhood all the time and it's the perfect place to start. We watch each other's kids in a pinch, bring dinners over when someone is sick or in need. We even walk each other's dogs. We don't judge how we raise our children or deal with our marriages and life choices. I'm proud to live with a group of women like that. However, I daily hear and see and sometimes am the victim of or even add to the mess that is judging other women.

This morning I read 'Motherhood Uncensored' again, like I do everyday and she brought up this topic as well. She had a chat with Gloria Steinheim yesterday and her new venture into radio. Wow! That brings me to GreenStone Media. It's a media outlet for women who support other women and their various choices. It's fantastic and I urge you all to check it out. There really is something for everyone. The link is in the title of this post incidentally. I also urge you to join me in supporting other women. Listening to them and their needs and visit Mom Rising in the sidebar. Whether you are a mother or not it affects you because this is your world too.

Oh and Liz, I'm still your friend despite that fact that you have Sexyback as your ringtone. I have accepted that I'm just plagued by that song and J.T. It's my lot in life. I will persevere.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I'm often astounded by how little women seem to support other women these days. I too make the effort not to judge and be as supportive as possible about the choices the women around me make.

  2. Moms Night Out AND intelligent conversation?

    With wine?

    So. Not. Fair.


  3. Sexyback rules. I need something to remind myself that I'm older, but still not OLD!

    I love Mom's night out. Wish I could be around for more. I hope you keep going. They are ladies coming from all angles - stay at home moms, working girls with no kids, an 85 year old neighbor, some conservative, some liberal (or cool as I like to call them). But most importantly we try not to be judgemental. It's a supportive group (not in a sappy therapy way, in a "I'll walk your dog while you're out of town" way, like you said).


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