Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Warm breezes, tranquil, clear blue seas and a sandy beach. That is where I'll be starting tomorrow. I'll be laying by the pool in a comfy chaise lounge sipping my drink of choice, which will be the drink of choice by the hour most likely. It better not rain the four days we are there. But if it does, I'll just read and nap the days away gorging myself on hotel food and then lumbering down to the fitness center to work off whatever mousse delight and plateful of fried goods I just devoured. I'll eat a piece of jerked animal for you all and wish you a good week!

I'm feeling more mellow already.

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  1. Have fun!!!! Relax and have a fruity beverage for me...mai tai, daquiri, something of the sort...as long as it comes with an umbrella...LOL


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