Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This post will serve as a reminder. A reminder to me that H is a good guy. Last night as I rolled into our designated parking space I noticed he was home early. THANK YOU! Hopefully, he'll stay home I think to myself. He's normally at a seminar on Monday nights. At this point I already know the jig is up. I am sick and it's not going to get better but worse as the night progresses. If H is home tonight I will have help with T.D.! Hyper T.D. who now coughs like a barking seal when she wants our attention. What a drama queen!

About an hour into being home I'm in my comfy clothes (ancient yellow shorts and a Maryland T-shirt) with pillows and a blanket laying on the couch. T.D. is on the floor playing with her blocks and such. H has ordered my fave Thai soup and will be picking it up shortly with meds for me. Yeah!

As the evening progresses into dinner I become achier. Is that a word? I am huddled in a ball on the hard kitchen chair. I've fed T.D. her wonderful dinner of rice cereal mixed with pureed prunes. Yum! Don't you want some of that? I eat my soup and attempt to eat my Pad Kaprow. I figure spicy foods will kick this cold in the gonads. That's my theory anyway. Eventually I give up. I'm not really hungry. The idea of even drinking water makes my throat hurt more. H sends me to bed. I resist and unload the dishwasher becoming out of breath. Ok, maybe I do need to get to bed. But I feel bad. I feel bad that H needs to get all of our stuff ready for work and school tomorrow plus take care of T.D. He says he doesn't mind and off I go.

When I get into our bedroom I find my book, tissues, some throat spray and water on my nightstand. All courtesy of H. Awwww... so nice. He comes in with tea later. Very nice and some nyquil. Just what I need. I hear him put T.D. to bed and listen to her across the hall talking to herself until she falls asleep. Aaahh bliss. I am in my nyquil induced sleep.

It gets better too. T.D. only woke up once last night. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! H pacied her up and she was out again. This morning I crawled out from the covers in a snot-encrusted state and got ready for work. Another day has begun. A little easier because H was such a good guy.

So when I think he doesn't do anything for me I just need to have this as a reminder. Yes, he loves me and cares for me, and probably doesn't want to deal with my cranky ass whining from the couch all night. It's easier, smarter and nicer for EVERYONE if I'm tucked away in bed.

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