Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Love/Hate, Hate/Love. It's a Psychosissssss....

Hey Kids- guess what movie that is from? If you guess correctly I'll send you something nifty!

Seriously I will.

The title does have a point. For you regular readers you know I have strong feelings on certain issues. Dick Cheney- love to hate him. It could be a hobby of mine. Actually it sort of is. Darth Vader- love him. When I was a kid I wanted to be him. I would sit at the dinner table and breathe into my milk glass so that I sounded like him. I didn't want Princess Leia underoos- I wanted the full on Vader costume. I like my dark side of the force. Another love of mine is all things Batman. I love the Adam West Batman and all the movies minus the one with Ahnold as Mr. Freeze. That one just sucked. I was quite pleased with the introduction of Christian Bale as the new Bruce Wayne. I like him in that role. He's just dark enough.

This brings me to yesterday- when it was announced that for the next Batman film due in Summer '08, Heath Ledger has been slated to play the new younger Joker character. Hmm..... I like Heath Ledger. He's my fake H when H goes away for a while. H (who incidentaly wants a new name) makes fun of how I rent a ton of Heath Ledger movies while he is gone. There's just something about him that reminds me of H. Call me crazy. I can almost see him smiling in that Joker manner. Almost but not quite. If he plays him before the transformation I can dig it. If they dip him in that acid bath it's a no go. It may just be one strike too many against the Batman series for this fan.

I'm not even going to close with the.... until next time- same bat time.... yada yada yada.

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  1. Speaking of fake H's, I've told Mike that if something happens to him I'm going to marry Matt Damon. That way I won't have to change any monograms.


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