Friday, August 25, 2006

Date Night!

H and I have a date tonight. I almost feel like capitalizing the word date. Elevating it with the importance it deserves. Date. There that's better. We have no special occasion or event going on. We are just heading out to dinner and a movie. A quick dinner and it's all local. No trip into the city or anywhere else but it will be just us. I love T.D. and all but geez, sometimes I want to eat a meal without getting up nine times to hand her a toy, wipe up vomit, change a diaper, the list goes on. Same goes for H.

I'm a firm believer in going out and getting what you want. What I wanted was a baby sitter. Writer, Lucinda of Suburban Turmoil, recently wrote an article for the 'Nashville Scene' about how a mother's sitter is confidential. You can't get a mother to give up that information no matter what. It's top secret, if the sitter is good. I found this to be true this week when I asked around my neighborhood and women who can normally recite a recipe they just saw verbatim could suddenly not even remember their sitters name. Hmmmm... Scary yet fascinating to this new Mom.

So, we have a sitter. She's new. We're trying her out. We found her through her parents. We know her Dad, he offered up her services months ago and I stored that little nugget of information away in my brain to be unleased at said time. If T.D. deems this girl acceptable then I hope to use her again. Really though at this point all my mind can think about is dinner alone with H, a movie with popcorn to share, and adult conversation that doesn't involve food being thrown at us. That and looking cute and hoping H doesn't think I look "Mom-ish" again.

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