Sunday, August 20, 2006

And we're back!

So, it's been a few days and I'm getting back into the swing of things. We had a good time with the family. I took a lot of pictures and for the most part it was not problematic in any way. The fact that T.D. is a total beast today is besides the point. There's a ton of laundry to do and various other "back to the real world" crap that needs to be done so this will be short.

Some of you out there know that I haven't filled my family in on this little blog I've got going. I decided this week that in person would be a good time. The fact that I accidentally sent my mother a link to it a few weeks ago also added to the fact that I felt the need to come clean so to speak.

Scene: Mother and Daughter in tiny cramped very rustic cabin kitchen. Seriously it was tiny. I'm talking maybe 4 ft wide including the counter space and 6 ft long. Barely room to navigate around each other and forget it if someone tries to open the fridge. We are getting a casserole ready for the family get together later in the day. My feelings on casseroles are long so let's just skip to the point- I don't like them. I consider them almost rude. Anyway, the scene is set.

Daughter: So, I'm going to a writers workshop in November. I'll be able to hear readings, submit my manuscript and learn to write queries. Plus network. I'm really excited.

Mother: Oh, that's nice. You have a manuscript? (D cringes)

D: Yes, I do, a few actually. Plus the blog.

M: Oh good. (reads casserole directions like it's the dead sea scrolls)

D: Yup. I'm doing pretty well with the writing. I write every day. I even got hate mail.

M: Hate mail? Why? What did you do?

D: Well... I wrote a little humour piece, all I write is usually humorous or tries to be, and I made a joke about Catholic guilt....

M: Oh. You should know better than to make a joke about Catholics. (Gives me a pained Mom look)

D: If you read my stuff you would know that I'm sarcastic and not very PC so basically this Dot lady should have known better. But that's besides the point. (Insert me explaining to Mother about the piece on Honest Baby and the other woman who came to my defense. Plus add in the part about how Dot hoped to never have the misfortune to read my stuff ever again. Ok Dot, so no one is holding your eyelids open making you read my stuff.)

Enter Father of Daughter.

F: What is this about hate mail? Oh. Your writing. Hm...

D: (desperately trying to keep conversation going hoping that parents will actually ask- what the hell are you writing about anyway? Where can we find it? Can we read it? Wow D we are proud of you for trying.)

Yeah, and in July I'm going to a conference about blogging in Chicago. I'll be learning more about how to do things online to the blog, networking and meeting other women bloggers. I'm really excited about it all.

M: That's nice.

End of scene.

AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say that I was in a pissy, hissy, cranky pants mood after all this was an understatment. I cracked open a beer around 11 a.m. and sat outside reading yet another Laurie Notaro book hoping to laugh my ass off as she describes how her family doesn't quite get her writing thing either.

So bascially in the end I told H all about it and said this: You know what fuck it. I don't care if they read it or not. But know this! I will put that story out there about my Mom and the retards. Oh yes I will.

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  1. I've read a few L. Notaro books too! Although I don't think the one you first recommended. They make me laugh!!!

    Hey, just remember - there are those of us out here who get it! And enjoy your reading. I'm actually disappointed when you're out of town :( Nothing new to read!


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