Friday, July 07, 2006

You Wanna Know What?!?

Potato Butt!!! I know it's supposed to be chicken butt however, there is a story to this potato butt thing. Last night H and I had finished dinner and I in a nice show of playful affection decided to sit on his lap and take some of the marinade from dinner and... (no this is not going to get all icky on you) and I wiped it on his nose. Not one to be outdone he quickly grabbed a roasted potato and shoved it down the back of my pants and mashed it. Lovely. Pieces of roasted potato clung to my pants and skin getting mixed up with my underwear. I screamed and threw some of the potato at him and immediately took off my pants, not caring if the neighbors saw my behind. The grossest part of it all and having potato in your butt is pretty damn gross is that Lexie thought it was great! There was now food all over the floor and she could eat it up and no one would notice her. Gross!! Aah, another evening in the Evil's house. It was actually kind of nice because it was how we used to be pre-PPD. Who knew that getting potato in your panties could give one such hope.

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