Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In the Wee Small Hours

T.D. I can only guess is teething. I totally jinxed us last night by saying, "Oh, she went down so easy tonight." Yeah, she went down easy but she didn't stay down.

12:30 a.m.- on the dot. T.D. begins to cry. A small plaintive cry but it keeps going in little machine gun bursts. I get up and see she is wide awake and smiling at me. Oh no you don't baby! It's way too early in the morning to play. Stick pacifier in T.D.'s puckered mouth and go back to bed.

12:40 a.m.- crying begins again. Little whines but they wake H and I. Well, I was not asleep but instead my mind was beginning to chug along and wake up more. Great. H goes in and pacy's her up.

12:50 a.m.- the despot begins again. It's going to be one of those nights I imagine. I have no recollection of what happened here. I think I went in and reswaddled the little dictator and she promptly fell back asleep.

1 a.m.- THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! I'M KNOW OTHERS ARE SLEEPING! I KNOW MY CO-WORKERS ARE ALL SNOOZING AWAY WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. The dog is snoring away in the corner. H is asleep. Why isn't T.D.?!

1:30 a.m.- I'm awake. My mind is going a million miles a minute. It's thinking of cereal. Did H have cereal before bed? Did I put clothes aside for this morning? Do I really have to sit in flourescent lighting all day? Who decides that this type of glaring light is right for an office? Is it super cheap or something? My car is dirty. I should clean it. What will I blog about tomorrow? What's for dinner? It goes on and on like this until I think I have a dream about scuba diving. Whatever at least I'm asleep.

2 a.m.- I think. It's not quite clear. H gets up and gives T.D. some baby tylenol. Seems she's chewing vigorously on the pacifier. H says, 'Poor thing is so tired but can't seem to stay asleep.' Yeah, poor baby. She gets to sleep the day away though while H and I must toil.

4:15 a.m.- my alarm goes off. H might have gotten up again and rocked her. I have no real knowledge of this as I must have fallen asleep again. I have to take T.D. to daycare today so I must wake up earlier and but I'll get to work later than normal which in turn means I'll have to stay later or not take lunch. People wonder why my complexion looks tired or I have headaches. It's night's like these. I just wish I could sleep another hour or two.

5:45 a.m.- T.D. is in her car throne. She is packed and ready to go for the day. I look at her wistfully and think, son of a gun. The damn despot keeps me up all night and yet now all I want to do is spend the day with her. I swear she posesses some type of voodoo witchcraft mumbo jumbo that she works on me.

6:55 a.m.- Work. Office. Desk. Chair. Stupid florescent lighting. Eyes twitching. I reach into my desk and pour myself a stiff drink. Kidding. It's coffee and not nearly enough.

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