Monday, July 31, 2006

Fuzzy Brain Syndrome

Nothing of note went on this weekend. I worked late Friday, which was not fun. I'm not even going to get into what went on at work but it culminated in H having to "talk me down" from the ledge I was on. The ledge of I'm about to leave this joint for good. Not pleasant.

Getting home I had that disturbing J.T. run-in. But home was nice, peaceful. I was tired but it was nice to be home. H had made dinner and the whole family gathered around our under the table. T.D. had just conquered new territory or something and was in a fine mood. Happy to see her Mom too I think.

I spent a majority of Saturday cleaning, oh the fun of that. T.D. likes to hang out in the various rooms I'm in checking out my dusting techniques. H worked all day. We had dinner with some friends who just moved to the area too. It was nice. We hadn't seen them in a few years and I'm so happy they are back. Dinner was good, there was even flemenco dancing! Who knew in our tiny, quiet 'burb you could find that. Or that a baby can sleep through all that foot stomping but she did.

The fact that T.D. was awake almost continuously from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. was a whole other issue. I slept in Sunday (thanks H !) but for the rest of the day I was in some sort of fuzzy spaced out mode. I couldn't wake up. No amount of caffiene could do it. I spent the day with T.D. in the den laying about through various naps of hers. She too seemed to be in this mood. Thankfully she only woke up once last night. As you can read, I'm out of it again today though. My brain just feels like there is a physical block on it. I can't access all of it. Wonder what's up with that.

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