Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lazy, Bad Mommy!

T.D. has a cold. A nasty one. I picked her up from daycare yesterday and she was sound asleep but covered in crusted snot. Just what you wanted to read as you were sipping your morning Nescafe huh? I just know it's that snot-nosed (literally) kid Cooper! That kid has green snot coming out of his nose 24/7. It's disgusting to put it mildly and makes me have to fake smile at him each time he greets me at the door when I pick T.D. up. All I can think of is- WHY? Why do you always have green snot coming out of your nose kid?! Can't they do something about that?!? I remember my days in daycare and we had Jesse- he of the sun yellow Looney Tunes lunchbox. He was the snot-nosed kid in our class. He was also the rampant hugger. You know that kid- the one that latches on to anyone and everything and violently hugs them. He was the subject of much taunting and wisecracks by my crony E and I each day on the playground. Jesse loved violently hugging E best of all.

I just got way off track there. Forgive me. I'm a bad, lazy-ass Mommy. If you've been doing your reading this week you know that T.D. has not been herself. Now we know it's the cold that was doing it but still that doesn't make me any less tired. These midnight and more wake ups have been wearing on us both. Last night after a nice three hour nap by T.D. where I tip-toed around the house getting things done (how we have so many piles of clothes and crap around our house I'll never know. I swear the dog wears our clothes during the day and then puts them in the laundry before we come home.) sick T.D. ate and then played a bit. Played- maybe that's not the right word. More like zoned out in front of the television. No matter what I did that kid would not tear her eyes away from it. She would crane her little bobble-headed neck to some painful looking angle just to catch a glimpse of 'So you think you can dance'. I don't actually watch that show honest! But, it was on and she was riveted. I would turn her and her saucer the other way and she figured out how to move it back! The kid is not even four months old! Her feet don't touch the floor in this thing and she just pushed and pulled her tiny despot body until it faced the t.v. again. Unreal. I finally just gave up and let her watch as the lithe 20-something's danced across the screen in their various bright costumes. I figured- Hey! Maybe, just maybe she wants to be a dancer and the music is good for her math skills right?

Bad Mommy..... I have to get her away from that t.v.

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