Friday, June 16, 2006

Today is June 16th, as noted above. It's also Tupac Shakur's birthday. Some of you out there might know that I'm a crazy Tupac fan. Let's all take a moment of silence shall we and remember that talented man. Ah, that's better. R.I.P. brother. Pour one for your homies. Tell me - can you rest in peace if you've been shot on the Vegas strip and no one knows who did it?

I hate to admit this but I DVR'd the Britney Spears interview on Dateline last night. There's so little on T.V. right now it's gotten to this. H. told me last night the sheer fact that I taped MTV's 'The Hills' was grounds enough for divorce. It's exceptionally bad taste like the Britney interview but I need my crack... er crap tv. Anyway, if you caught the interview you'll know what I'm talking about when I say this. Ok, girl you made bubble gum pop come back in the late 90's but it's 2006, you ARE NOT 14 anymore- so why does your makeup look like a 14 year old's or like a teen-ager did put it on for you? Geez... Her hair, her make-up, that pink bra that obviously didn't fit along with the gum snapping and jean skirt all made her look like she could give Jaime Pressley's character Joy from 'My Name is Earl' a run for her money. It was the opitomy of trailer trash chic. Gaaawww as Brit might say. I have to say I do feel for her in the sense that she can't get any peace and we as parents all make mistakes. If someone had a camera on me half the time they would see me do things with T.D. that I wouldn't want anyone knowing about. It's not like I'm all Joan Crawford on her or anything but we all do things others might not agree with. K-Fed is like that husband of your friend's that no one likes but we all put up with or at least that's how he strikes me. It was like a train wreck with the tears and the dumb sayings and I just could not stop watching. There better be some incredibly stimulating documentary on this summer or I'm going to get sucked into watching more vapid crap on tv and becoming brain dead.

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