Friday, June 23, 2006

Do you smell that?

Yeah, it's gross. It's probably the 3 new piles of fresh dog crap that have appeared since this morning. Apparently not even their dog walker knows how to pick up crap. Now here is something really awful. I was out running errands today and I saw something quite amazing. I wanted to capture it on videotape as a "How-to" for my neighbors ( I use that term in the weakest sense of the word). There was the elderly woman walking her dog and she had a leg cast on and a cane. It made it incredibly difficult for to walk. She was barely even hobbling. Then she did the amazing thing. With the cast and cane and dog on leash the old woman bent over and with a tiny green bag she picked up her dog poop. Quite a feat folks. It just made me all the more angry when I came home and found the three new piles in the front yard. Sickening!!!!

I did file a formal complaint with the HOA which made me feel all Bree Van de Kamp. But, I tell you I will get really righteous on their asses if they don't start picking it up. I found out last night we are not the only ones who have spoken to them and who wanted to complain to the HOA. We're just the only ones who have actually done anything. I swear though one day I will just snap like H. did but they will be around and I will be hurling their dogs crap right in their faces. THIS IS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freakin' morons.


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Somebody always has to take on the offending parties first. Maybe the other neighbors will file complaints. The more the better. I'm surprised they didn't get the hint after the crap on the doorstep incident. Some people are too lazy to live. They should have gotten a cat. But then their house would probably smell like one huge litter box.


  2. Oh Siobhan - they have 3 indoor cats besides the dog. I always think that- what must the litter box situation be like! Eek.


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