Friday, June 09, 2006

Bad Lip Synching and Puking in a Trashcan-

Good Morning! It's time to view the latest from Ms. Paris Hilton! Watch as she attempts to dance and lip synch her way through her newest venture-singing Reggae. Aside from the fact that the video is an obvious rip-off of Chris Issak's 1991 'Wicked Game' video, it's yet another train wreck from the heiress and you get to see her underwear. I must admit that the one thing I do love about her (and it's the only thing) is girlfriend does not care that she has small boobs and she's willing to put them out there. She almost pops out of her suit half a dozen times as she vamps on the beach. The dancing is awful as is the song. I find it incredibly hard to believe that's her voice. It sounds like someone else I just can't place. I feel so bad for the crew. I know after viewing this in it's entirety which made me almost have a seizure I tossed my shredded wheat breakfast into a nearby trashcan. I think I burned my retinas.

Anyway, happy viewing. You have to appreciate the fact that there's a short of monkey's having sex after it as well. MSN's attempt at humor?

P.S. If you get the chance and have the time to waste also view the moonwalking bird. I don't even know what to say about that.

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  1. Oh my god! I guess money lets you do anything! lol

    While that was humorous, I feel strangely dumber for having sat through that..."I'll show you mine?"

    She actually had to sing that? Don't we all already know that about her? LOL


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