Monday, June 12, 2006

Oof, I am tired today. It was a long weekend in the sense that it exhausted me. Sitting here at my desk I feel as if I never left. Work has slowed to a trickle- for now.
T.D. left us this weekend to go to her Nana's house. She left on Thursday morning and didn't return until Sunday afternoon. It was so strange. I kept feeling like I was forgetting something all weekend. At one point we went for ice cream and I turned to my Husband (who does NOT want to be known as Chocolate Puke Stain, C.P.S. or Hoss) and said- Oh No we left the baby at home! I felt weird driving by the daycare and not picking her up. Walking into her room and the crib being empty and the room being extraordinarily neat. The swing sat unused. By Sunday morning I was relishing laying in bed and reading the paper over a long breakfast but, I so missed her sitting there with us babbling away. I think only the dog was truly content with the whole thing. She had her time with us like she used to all weekend. Napping on us, getting long walks with no stroller and generally having a lot more attention lavished on her like days of old. I'm glad we had this time together, I certainly want to do it again, but I missed her way more than I thought.

This motherhood thing certainly surprises me more often than I imagined. I knew I would miss her but I didn't think I would be as anxious as I was to have her back with us. Of course, two hours into her being home and she's screaming bloody hell because her schedule is now off and it's like she never left!

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