Monday, May 15, 2006

Three Things

Well readers I have an announcement to make. It's not official yet but I think I'm depressed. Call it delayed PPD (Post Partum Depression) or just a mild case good ol' fashioned depression I have to say it's here. I can't deny it anymore there is way too much wrong with me. Without going into too much detail though I feel completely overwhelmed and half the time I think "Suck it up woman! Everyone does this!" and the other half I feel stuck in a deep dark hole with the idea of drying my hair sounding completely exhausting and not survivable. It's a blast let me tell you! I'll be going to the doctor and a therapist in the next week so things should start to get back on track but let me just say- if you find yourself looking at the pouring rain outside and thinking- Oh good! Maybe I'll die in a car wreck on the way to work and not have to deal with all this anymore. Get help! That is not normal.

With all this going on I've decided I need to try and stop this negative tape going off in my head and poisoning my brain. I thought up this plan. We'll see how well it works. Every day I will think of three things and write them down in a notebook. These three items will be things I should be happy about or grateful for. At the end of the month (if my depression addled brain can commit to something for that long) I will look it over and probably find a lot more positive things in my life than I think there are. Am I a product of my generation and Oprah or what?!?

1. It's sunny outside today- it was total crap yesterday. So yeah!!
2. I joined Weight Watchers today ( yup, I paid money and everything and I'm officially counting points now)
3. I remembered to wear my Crest Whitening Strip on my teeth. I keep them at work and normally forget. But today well I'm on my way to bright white teeth!

It took me a while to think of those things but it actually feels good seeing it in print. I'll keep you posted on my path to mental health wellness. I get 8 free therapy sessions and possibly drugs - whoo hooo!!! Does life get better than that?


I was so touched by your recent post. First of all, I’m proud of you for figuring it out. Depression sucks. “Regular” or post-partum. Period. I admire you for admitting it in such a public space, and I’m glad that you’re going to the doctor and therapist. I know how it feels, to think the world is ending and everything is falling apart. But you’ll come out of it. You have a beautiful daughter and a loving husband and (modest and) wonderful friends. I’m amazed at all that you juggle and how well you do it.(I know, you hate the touchy-feely stuff, but it had to be done! *hug*)

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