Monday, May 15, 2006

Question of the Week- #105

If you are a Mom- what did you do for Mother's Day? What did you WANT to do for Mother's day? Did the two things align?

I wanted a nap. I kept falling asleep only to be woken up by various things. The nap never happened but I did get some very thoughtful gifts from my husband, daughter, dog and family. THANK YOU! I really do appreciate it.


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Went to a burger...took care of the kids and husband...and begged for Thai food for dinner (normally I would have gotten a lot of protesting, so this was my "special" request for the day). Really I would have loved some "time off." Maybe away from the kids and husband for a while (is that wrong??). Some me time would have been nice.

  2. This is still a VERY sore subject with me, but no one knows. My gift was a watering can vase of daisies and carnations with a cheesey balloon attached - given on Friday prior. On Mother's Day I didn't get a recognition nor any form of releif in the parenting dept. as I hoped. No special meals, no card, NADA! What did I want? Simple, no parenting responsibilities, a nice meal, and some time with my husband or off on my own. So, from now on I expect nothing and will be satisfied with a simple, "Happy Mother's Day". Sorry to poo-poo, just a little sensitive still. :)

  3. Our Mother's Day widened the gap between the uptight yuppies (Mike's brother and his wife) and the hipster slobs (Mike and me). We had a very nice lunch. Remarkably there's one restaurant that we all love, so we knew Mike's mom would love it too. It's a bar, but serves great food. Not a popular Mother's Day spot, so no wait, uncrowded, nice and relaxing. But it's always tense between Mike and his brother. His brother bought a huge, expensive flower basket that was delivered to her house on Friday. We stopped at a farmers' market and bought her a bouquet. Both flowers were nice, but they really showed the differences in our ideals.

  4. It seems like us moms all want the same thing - a genuine thank you and some me time. Maybe we're just not that good at communicating that to our mates? I sometimes realize I'm upset with my husband for not reading my mind. A woman would know to grab the kids and give dad a day off, but they just don't seem to understand. I guess I'll have to make out a list of what I would like next year.


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