Tuesday, May 23, 2006

100 Ways of Crazy

I stayed home from work yesterday. I HAD to get some sleep. It was a busy weekend and the dear husband felt on Sunday night we should stop swaddling the baby. Also known as T.D.- Tiny Dictator. We call her this mainly because she looks like a little Mussolini when she's cranky or Kruschev, especially when she throws her hands in the air as if to say- "What the hell?!?" Anyway, T.D. was not swaddled. What happened well let me tell you.

10 p.m. - T.D. fights like mad not to go to bed but finally passes out. The tiny dictator is put in her crib.

12:30 a.m.- T.D. coughs herself silly and effectively wakes up the whole house and begins to cry. Husband gets up to put her back to sleep.

1:30 a.m.- T.D. wakes up crying. No swaddling means swatting herself in the face all night long. Despots hate to be hit in the face even by themsleves.

2:30 a.m.- Evil little T.D. wakes herself yet again. I wake up again as well. My brain is not functioning on the level of having the brilliant idea to swaddle her. Besides I want to make my point here to my husband that she still needs it.

3:30 a.m.- Noticing a pattern anyone? I was even at this hour. She is awake again... I stick a pacifier in her puckered mouth and go back to bed.

4:30 a.m.!!!!- My alarm goes off- Dear God in Heaven why? What have I done to have this dictator rule over my little land this way? Who put her in power? When did the coup occur? Am I in an interrment camp? I decide the day must begin and bring T.D. her breakfast. Peace at last has come to our land. The despot is sated for the time being.

I however am now so tired I feel like spiders are crawling through my veins. My mind feels like it's playing a cassette tape on fast forward and that I should not be driving or operating heavy machinery. My husband wakes up and I tell him-I'm calling in. I can't take this. I NEED sleep. He replies- Oh she's not going to daycare today? I reply- Oh yeah, she's going to daycare today.

6 a.m.- Peace has been restored and I am blissfully falling asleep. The house is quiet, the dog is snuggling into the duvet with me and I breathe a sigh of relief. I wake up 6 hours later the day almost gone but feeling much better. By the time I get ready to pick up T.D. from daycare I'm feeling normal and able to drive. Whew! As luck would have it T.D. is in a great mood having slept almost all day as well.

Now we just have the rest of the week to tackle.

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