Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Tell Us How You Really Feel

Yesterday while having a snack with T.D. I was reading an article in Sunday's Washington Post regarding Hillary Clinton's campaign. In the article a voter made the comment- "aren't you just supposed to vote for who you think will win?"


NOooo! I immediately turned to T.D. and said, "Listen up! When it's time for you to vote (to which she mused and said vwhote!) you need to vote with your heart and your head. DON'T vote for who you think will win. Vote for who you truly believe will serve you best!

That is what the great system of voting is all about, not who you think might win overall so get behind that candidate. Only do that if it is who you really want to win the election. Obviously. It really gets my undies in a bunch when I hear people say that. It seems to be the popular consensus too. That is even more infuriating. Why? Because many times who people THINK is going to win is based on the sheer fact that it is who they see in the media the most. Who has the most ads, air time, and money to spend. They agree with some things but that candidate has to say but he or she may or may not light the voters fire. They shrug and think, "rather vote for a winner than a loser right?" It's the American way. We want winners. We don't want to vote for a loser or even one we assume might be a loser.

It's terrifying to me. It is also why I concluded to T.D. after our pinky swear that she would vote with her head and heart and not the popular consensus (unless that is what she REALLY wants) that primary elections (click here for your states date) are so important. They are coming up and we really need to get out the vote. I can't express it enough! A primary election is all up to the people, the wonderful voters. Get out there! Vote for the candidate who you REALLY WANT TO SEE WIN the election come 2008. See what happens. You never know and your candidate might be in the final running.

Election time is exciting for the nation no matter what side you are on. I look forward to it each time. I feel my most patriotic and alive during election season. I inform myself across the board on all the candidate as best I can. I truly want to make the right decision not just for me but overall. Even if you log on to a small website like Brides Decide you will get a rounded out view of what each contender stands for and can vote accordingly. Do yourself and your country a favor this election year. Vote in the primaries! Vote for the candidate you are passionate about! Not just who you think will win. That's not what it's all about.


  1. Your link to the primaries doesn't work.....

  2. Ok the link is working now. Thanks for letting me know.


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