Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Things You Shouldn't Do

Feed the zoo animals. You shouldn't do that.

Mix ammonia with bleach.  That's bad.

Shave and eat cereal while driving.  True story. I used to see a guy do this on the beltway at least once a week. 

You also shouldn't get the stomach flu and decide to forgo taking your meds and then forget to take your meds for almost a full week.  It can cause withdrawal.  Me, being wicked smot, did just that this Christmas and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day in bed sick with what I thought was the flu.


Except, yesterday, after days of jittery nerves, total exhaustion (I slept 19 of the 24 in Christmas) and a sick stomach I had a thought.  A break in the fog that had become my brain.  I hadn't taken my Celexa in days.  Holy shite. 

I'm going through withdrawal.  So I popped a pill and a few hours later felt a bit better. I'm still not myself and its weird. I still feel breathless, sick to my stomach, completely exhausted and jittery.  I'm hoping that is what was wrong and not that I just have some ridiculously bad bug in me that will cause everyone else around me to get sick too.  From what I 've read though it is the lack of this drug in my system that is causing all this.  To think I was weaning myself off it anyway. 

Here's to a detoxed 2012!

*Image courtesy of soberinanightclub.com

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