Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Dead Rabbits vs. the Natives

While in marriage counseling this week (Yup, still going. Go Team Mason!) we touched on a lot of relevant things.  How my work defines me, my need for validation and equality despite a continuous paycheck and a host of other issues that can cause marital strife when not addressed properly.  Somewhere in this the subject of our kids came up.  Our counselor made this observation-

"Well, at this point they have formed sort of a gang."  I glanced at H and nervously stated, "Great. We've got a roaming gang in our house.  All the time. Our house if Five Points. "  A pack of marauders.  The kids are close in age and work together to achieve whatever it is they want around the house.  Now that The Fifth Element is mobile it is even worse.  "They are a gang!", we both exclaimed!  Our mouths hanging open. 

Holy Hell. 

Then it hit me.  It's like the Gangs of New York in our house on an almost daily basis.  TD, the first born, is the Nativist and The Comedian is like a pack of Dead Rabbits.  The Fifth Element is like the bizarre scene at the end where an elephant just walks into the room wreaking havoc throughout the town square.  While they may work together occasionally for the good of the cause these kids war with each other daily and what is left is a path of destruction and mayhem miles wide. 

Go Team Mason!

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