Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Strong Start Day

Did you know that October 5 is big baby day? Not like ginormica babies, but the day that more babies are born than any other. Kate Winslet was born today and so was my cousin, Marcia. That's a lot of people getting busy while welcoming in the new year, every year. Heh.  It's also Strong Start Day.

With all that in mind there will be many women giving birth today. Days, weeks or months from now they may enter into a truly dark, hard part in their lives known as Postpartum Depression. It won't be just them that deals with symptoms and fallout of PPD but their children and significant others as well. They all deserve a strong start.  I know for me, both my bouts with PPD caused a massive strain on our marriage. It came with me to work, made me feel homicidal at times, want to live in my crawl space and cry while showering or drying my hair on other days. At some point I found Katherine and her website Postpartum Progress. It wasn't that I thought I was totally alone with my PPD but I needed her and Postpartum Progresses knowledge, resources and support.  

Years later, I proudly call Katherine a friend. If you ever meet her in person you will be amazed at her energy and grace. She glows. She has such a caring aura that exudes through Postpartum Progress. It is truly her passion.  Now she needs my help with keeping Postpartum Progress going and reaching higher and more women and families. I am only too happy to help a woman who checked in on me periodically after my third pregnancy just to make sure I was not spiraling down again. She needs your help too! Give someone else a Strong Start today! 

The Comedian refused to sit for this photo.

You can donate in my honor or someone else you know and care about. Whatever you can is perfect. Only 15% of all women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders receive the help they need when it comes to postpartum depression. What does that really mean? That means that hundreds of thousands of women, their spouses and children will suffer from the negative effects from PPD and other related illnesses for the rest.of.their.lives. Do your good deed and help support Postpartum Progress, an incredibly worthy group. It has helped me and my family many times over.


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