Monday, July 25, 2011

My Breaking Bad Addiction

You know you are addicted to Breaking Bad when,

You yell things out like, "Yeah! Science!" for no reason.

You begin to think that you could totally get away with wearing a pork pie hat.

You start ending your sentences with the word, "yo". As in, "I'll get you your bottle in a minute, yo!"

Tuco starts to seem like a better business partner than Gus.

Hotel front desk bells give you the creeps. They may also incite ridiculous bouts of anger and thoughts of spittle. Just me? Hm....

You start checking people's boots for silver-tipped skulls.

Finally, you realize that your Breaking Bad addiction is like a real addiction. No one watches this show in groups, this show is for watching solo or with only one other person. Though I personally think that a game where everyone takes a drink each time Jesse says 'Yo' would be awesome.

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