Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award and Those Seven Things

I was awarded a Stylish Blogger Award!  I admit, I had no idea this was floating around the blogosphere and my first thought was, "Not MPR?  Really?  That has like style and uh, stuff. Not marriage woes, tantrums, barf and other non-glittery things."  BUT- I am so pleased!  What a great way to start the day.

Thank you to Maximum Chaos for presenting me with it.  I love it and go check out Annie's cool blog!

Now in honor of receiving this award I must inform you all of seven things about me and then introduce you to FIFTEEN bloggers.  Wow. This is like, old school, 2006 blogging.  Me likey.

1.  My Bucket List includes seeing Madonna (did it!), Paul McCartney (did it!) and the White Stripes in concert.  Sadly, I have to take Jack and Meg off my list now.  I get an incomplete due to their recent break up.  I am still in mourning.

2. My Bucket List also includes the purchase of my very own Chanel suit.  I don't care if it is a thrift shop find, ebay purchase or a gift from the heavens. I want to own that exquisite piece of art one day before I croak.

3.  I went to the University of Maryland. FEAR THE TURTLE.  This can also be translated into, "I hate Duke!"  I've been known to hiss and growl at people wearing Duke shirts at the grocery store and mall. 

4.  I am obsessed with nail polish.  I read websites about nail polish.  I love looking at it, applying it, looking at it some more, reading about it and that buzz of excitement I feel each time I apply a new color.  I'm wearing Essie's 'Coat Azure' (goes so well with the medium to light blue denim that is hot this season) right now.

5.  I am an only child.  I do have issues with sharing but that's only with sugar treats and mainly because H takes ginormous, jaw-unlocking bites.  That is not sharing. That is devouring, my friend. 

6.  I like to insert links into my blog posts that take you back to funny, weird or little known things and private jokes. Seriously, click on the links. They can be tiny gems of funny or nostalgia.

7.  I hate country music. It actually makes me feel angry when I hear it.  I've explained this to my country music loving spouse this way, "Music makes you feel things. You like certain music because it gets you going, makes you happy, feel joy and excitement when you hear it.  Or want to fuck things up.  In a good way.  Country music makes me want to fuck things up in a bad way.  I feel cranky, irritable and malcontent when I hear it. The twangs and sounds get under my skin and I get itchy."  Funk? Rap?  Disco and seventies music in general makes me happy.  It makes me want to move and groove

Check out these fifteen bloggers, maintenant!

1.  Jodifur
2.  Nail Addicts Anonymous
3.  British Beauty Blogger
4.  Living Green with Glamour
5.  Uppercase Woman
6.  Sarah and the Goon Squad
7.  Toddler Planet
8.  green LA girl
9.  Laurie Writes
10.  My Traveling Reality
11.  Where in the World
Eeeahh, can I quit now?  Geez.... I don't know if there's anyone I can suggest that you all haven't read yet.  I could use a new set o'blogs to read.  Suggest some and I'll add them and send them an award.


  1. I'm so honored. What do I do now?

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Congrats on the award, Mummy! You deserve it! -E

  3. Congratulations! Thanks for the link!

  4. I like that suit. If you find tow of them in a thrift store let me know. I'll pay you back.

  5. Congrats - you are a very stylish girl! Muaw!


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