Monday, October 04, 2010

That Whole Depression Thing

"So how is that whole depression thing going?"  H asked this question a few weeks back regarding my past bouts with postpartum depression.  Let's not quibble on his delivery of that line.  Moving on... The Fifth Element has reached the six-week mark and I'm happy to report so far so good.  Except.

Well, except the fact that in the past PPD hasn't nailed me against its dark, stained wall until about the two month mark.  With TD it was shortly after I went back to work and she was eight weeks old. The schedule, the commute, the lack of sleep all contributed to it.  I thought I missed it with The Comedian and then month two came up and BAM! There I was again back in its black hole.  Blech.  As I said last week on TheMotherhood's postpartum discussion, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

I am in week three of training for my next 5k. I have lots of help and I am getting more sleep than most this time around. I'm dutifully taking my Celexa, my drug of choice with The Comedian and with The Fifth Element.  So we'll see.  All of this is supposed to help and I hope it does and the third time really is the charm. 

And if you haven't noticed already I was named one of the Top PPD bloggers (see right sidebar) this year by the Medical Assistants Association.  I am honored and touched more than I can say.  Thank you!

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